What Are You Meant to Do?

What were we designed for?

What were we, Homo Sapiens, optimized for?

Let’s review what most people do and assess if this answers our questions.

Work 40 hours per week? Sounds arbitrary.

Build and live in multiple room houses in a suburb? I don’t think so.

Eat fast food on the regular? Ummmm. Fast what? Not so much.

Drink corn-syrup laden sugar water, infused with carbonation? Nope.

Breed, Imprison, Murder and Eat Millions of Animals everyday? Highly Unlikely.

Drive a 4-wheeled box dozens of miles to and from a location to work every day? Hmmmm.

Consuming, Spending, Facebooking…Snapchatting? Seems abnormal, doesn’t it?


But these activities are habits embedded in society by our cultural norms and, thus, have become expectations for many. It’s not right or wrong- it just is. Perhaps humanities true nature is the consummate collection of our cultural and independent realities.


What is our true essence?

Who are we?


Let’s see.

We’re in the homo genus. Certainly true.

We’re in the Sapien species. Easy enough.

We need plants for sustenance to receive all of the proper vitamins and minerals. Very true.

We thrive in communities. Likely true.

We enjoy communicating and being surrounded by other homo sapiens. Accurate.

We enjoy the presence of other living things, like plants and animals. Definitely true.

We need air and water to survive. If cleaner, we can survive longer. Excellent.

We’re imperfect. Knowledge bomb!!!

We have the ability to imagine and create fictions. That’s unique!

We feel emotions that we respond and react to. Incredible.

We use and create tools and technology. Whoa. Deep.

We make choices every single day of our lives- likely thousands. Wild.

We have both unique AND shared experiences, often simultaneously. Heavy.

We have the power to influence others. Exciiiiiiting.

We have the power to influence ourselves. Spectacular.


So, what are we meant to do? I believe that we are here to maximize our experience and to help others do likewise. 


Who am I?

I’m a male homo sapien, born in 1983 near the middle of the State of California in the United States, in North America, on Planet Earth, in the Milky Way Galaxy.

I am married to a beautiful, charming, and loving wife and have an amazing daughter who is filled with love, empathy, and humor.

I’ve always been in the business of communication, from winning Easter candy and raffle ticket sales contests in elementary school to heading Business Development for the INC 5000 #1 Fastest Growing Email Agency presently.

I’ve written a best selling children’s book and have contributed to another best selling nonfiction book.

I believe that life, business, marketing, sales, and communication are intertwined threads that weave together the blanket of the current universe. [Good or Bad]

I love reading, writing, art, creation, history, music, people, and all things with perceived depth.

I love my parents, siblings, friends, and extended family.

I am fascinated by philosophy, culture, human nature, and psychology.


I aim to maximize my experience in this life and to help others to maximize theirs.


Who are you?

Feel free to tell me at andrew@tourmalinebeach.com.

I’d like to know.