Be Passionate

Be passionate about what you’re doing.

Whether you are flipping hamburgers or coaching a Super Bowl Championship team, when you are passionate about what you are doing, it allows for you to put your best foot forward, every time.

Passion breeds a tenacious nature because your passion shrinks down obstacles to a tangible state and slides straight through smoke screens and excuses, giving you the opportunity to easily overcome that which intimidates others.

Passion begets passion, by transferring passion to others that you encounter, into all work that you accomplish, and into your thoughts and activities, causing passion to give your life the guiding focus and clarity to accomplish that which you desire.

Passion pushes you out of your comfort zone into the world of growth and development.  Passion increases your likelihood of success because, by nature, passion clarifies and pronounces that which is already present.

Be passionate about your life so that you can share that passion with others.


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