Choose Your Associations

Take the time to evaluate your associations- the people who you spend the most time with.  Choose your associations closely and carefully and choose to evaluate your associations on a regular basis.

Make sure that the people that you are investing your time with are investing their time in you reciprocally.  Jim Rohn, business philosopher and leader, says,

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

  • Who are your 5 closest associations?
  • If someone were to interview your five closest associations, what would they learn about you?
  • Do they have the values and ideals that you want to have or do they have something different?
  • Are your associations building you up or breaking you down?

You must choose to associate with people that you can add value to and that can add value to your life.    You must choose healthy and reciprocal relationships.  You must choose people that can bring out the best in you.

You must choose your associations well, because when you choose to associate well, you choose to live well.


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