Choose Your Response

It’s often been said that responsibility is the ability to choose your response.

In life, it is important to choose how you respond to situations.

  • Take an extra moment while interacting with others to choose your response.
  • In daily interactions, consider how you respond to people and the myriad of choices that you have while doing so.
  • Choose to respond to people how you would want them to respond to you.

In high pressure and high anxiety situations, it can become more difficult to think clearly and it becomes easier to react rather than to respond to minor situations.

In these situations, it is perhaps of the utmost importance to take that extra moment to choose your response.

When one makes a conscious decision to choose their response, while talking with subordinates, peers, superiors, friends and loved ones, one is making a conscious decision to be responsible and to act in the best interest of that relationship.

If you care about your relationships, whether with your company, your friends or loved ones, you have a responsibility to choose your response.

Be responsible.  Choose your response wisely.


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