Be Flexible In Your Approach

In dealing with accomplishing your goals, stand firm in your principles; yet be flexible in your approach.

With most goals, as with anything in life, obstacles and tribulations can knock you off course, however, that does not give you permission to quit, rather, it gives you the opportunity to be flexible.

Rarely is a journey from point A to point B a straight line in the real world; there are various routes that you can take in order to accomplish your goals in life.

When you are flexible in your approach with regard to how to accomplish your goals, while remaining in solid character in alignment with your principles, you achieve a sense of freedom in process, allowing your creative juices to flow.

Flexibility in your approach gives you the ability to maintain the openness of experience that can solve the problems that you are likely facing.

When you have strong principles, a firm objective, and the humility to be flexible in your approach, it becomes easier to manage change and challenge in your life and work.

Be flexible in your approach so that you take advantage of the opportunities that flexibility allows.


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