Be Prepared

“Success is when preparation meets opportunity!”

We’ve heard it shouted from the rooftops, on podcasts, in books, and in lectures, yet how do you prepare for the most important endeavors in your life?

When you arrive at your work place, be prepared to work so that you can competently contribute.

When you are with your loved ones, be prepared to enhance those relationships so that you can increase the quality of your time.

When you are going to be attending a meeting, be prepared to present your perspective and research so that you can further develop mutual objectives.

When you are well prepared, it reinforces your commitment to yourself in the task, goal, or action to which you have prepared for; it shows others that you care about yourself and that you care about the mutual benefit that can only come from you being suitably prepared.

Being properly prepared in what is important to you predisposes you to take advantage of the opportunities that you value and, thus, will enhance your interactions and your life.

Be prepared so that you can be ready when your opportunity comes.



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