Manage Your Thoughts

Manage your thoughts and the world is yours.

Since you become what you think about most of the time, take the time to inventory your thoughts on a frequent basis.

  • What do you find yourself thinking about most of the time?
  • Are your thoughts about yourself, your life, your potential, and your opportunities mostly positive or mostly negative? Either way, have you noticed?

Monitor your thoughts throughout each day and when you come across negative or harmful thoughts, stop them and change them into positive ones.

Observe your thoughts and observe them changing. Choose your inputs and remember that only you have control over what you consume.

  • What are you watching on TV?
  • What are you listening to on the radio?
  • What are you reading most frequently?
  • Who do you associate with most frequently?

Since your inputs become your outputs, be careful what you let in your mind. How are you being influenced and by whom?

When you manage your thoughts you empower yourself to be responsible for your world.


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