Who Are We?

What were we designed for?

To work 40 hours per week? To live in giant houses on credit? To eat scientifically manufactured food? To drink corn syrup? To engage on social media? To shop and consume? To parade around in metal boxes with combustible engines?


In this culture, in this time, in this place, these activities are merely habits embedded in us by our cultural norms and, thus, embedded in our expectations. It’s not right or wrong- it just is.

The true nature of humanity is the consummate collection of our cultural and independent realities. The true nature of ourselves is a combination of the genetic print of thousands of your familial lineage through time and our daily environment and mental acuity.

Because we live in the present time and space, we are optimized for our present conditions.

What are our commonalities?

  • Homo Sapien species.
    • We have basic needs.
      • We can survive off of plant-based foods alone, or in combination with meat from other animals.
      • We are successful communicators and thrive in communities. We need the exact quantity of oxygen readily and constantly available on Earth.
      • We need clean water to survive.
      • Human Interaction
    • We have the ability to imagine and create fictions.
    • We feel our own and others’ emotions.
    • We use and create tools and technology.
    • We have both unique AND shared experiences, often simultaneously.
    • We have the power to influence others.
    • We have the power to influence ourselves.

What are we meant to do?

I believe our mission is simpleWe are destined to maximize our brief existence and to help others do likewise. 

Who am I?

Yes, hello! My name is Andrew and I’m here to be useful.

I am married to a beautiful, charming, and loving wife and have an amazing daughter who is filled with love, empathy, and humor.

I’ve always been curious about the nature of influence, from winning Easter candy and raffle ticket sales contests in elementary school to heading Business Development for the INC 5000 #1 Fastest Growing Email Agency through acquisition to the AdAge #1 Best Place to Work, North America’s Leading Independent Performance Marketing Agency.

I’ve written a best selling children’s book and have contributed to another best selling nonfiction personal development book.

I believe that life, business, marketing, sales, and communication are intertwined threads that weave together the blanket of the current universe.

I love reading, writing, art, creation, history, music, people, and all things that tug on my curiosity.

I love my parents, siblings, friends, extended family and understanding people’s motivation.

I am fascinated by philosophy, culture, human nature, psychology and business model design.

I aim to maximize my experience in this life in this time and to help others to do the same.

Who are you?