About Andrew

My love & I

As a toddler, Andrew would hold his breath until he passed out. Now that he has a toddler, he realizes how alarming that must have been for his parents.

With his wife and daughter at the forefront of his life, Andrew wrote and published his first children’s book, A Boy and a Bird, designed to stress the importance of willpower in life at any age.

Educated in business strategy, management and entrepreneurship, with over 15 years of sales, marketing and business development experience, Andrew is a seasoned business builder, helping clients take their business to the next level at Email Aptitude. He also helps students develop critical thinking, set goals, and to activate their growth mindset as an Associate Professor at Ashford University.

Andrew enjoys thinking, thinking about thinking, and writing about things he’s thought about.

A nomad at heart, Andrew presently lives with his family in Fresno, CA, USA.