To join the tribe of Derek Sivers, I’ve decided to let you know what I’m up to… right now.


Over the past several weeks, lots of progress has been made across the board professionally, which has felt nice. After finishing AntiFragile, I dove into The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. This book it me particularly hard as it defines psychological resistance to achievement in creative professions. 2 years ago, I would have claimed to not be creative and 5 years ago I may have bragged about not having a creative muscle in my body, but today I believe we all are creators- most importantly of our lives. We can channel our energies and put them toward any endeavor we encounter and we all have resistance that we can overcome. I can’t recommend his book enough.

  • I’m working with illustrators on two children’s books right now and have a third in queue for illustration once these are nearly or entirely complete.
  • I’ll be speaking to an Online Marketing group about email marketing┬áthis upcoming week.
  • I just completed my first class of 2017. Every student who made it to the end of the course, passed, and it seemed like the students were able to transform in my time working with them, which is always my goal.
  • My daughter turns 2 next month. Mind=Blown. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have a daughter like her and a wife who cares about her as much as I do.
  • Unlike previous posts, I don’t feel the need to speak greatly about goals, but I feel content with my work and in it’s progression and confident I’m on the right track.


It’s been an exciting time in the Christison household as of recent. Today is my daughter’s 21st Month birthday. I’m told I shouldn’t keep track of it by month after a year, but I can’t help myself. On Saturday she said her first 5 word string, “Happy and you know it” and it made my heart melt. She continues to grow and evolve impressively and is sprouting into a wild and (more) independent toddler. I also started reading AntiFragile by Nassim Taleb, which has been mind-altering in the most opportune way possible.

  • My work in email is going well and I’m sprucing up my Linkedin Profile as we speak.
  • I start teaching my next course tomorrow and am very excited.
  • I’ve been blogging quite frequently and it continues to make me a happier person.
  • My wife and I are starting a daily family journal. ­čÖé


I’m back from an amazing trip to Disneyland and San Diego with my family. It was an incredible experience filled with family bonding, friend bonding, and lots of love and smiles. I’m still reading Joseph Campbell and have been diving deeper into Tools of Titans, which my wife gave me for Christmas. Life is good.

  • I’m still working on┬ámuch from my previous post
  • I’m really enjoying blogging. Rather than directives, I’m working on developing my story telling and it feels fulfilling to share myself, even if no one reads along with me.



Happy New Year! This New Year’s Eve my wife and I took our daughter to In-N-Out for a proper “last meal” and it was lovely. On New Year’s Day we were able to hang with my Dad’s side of the family for our annual New Year’s sushi. I started reading Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces and so far, it has been fascinating, however, it’s a much more thought-provoking and, thus, time consuming read than I’m used to. I recently learned that Joseph Campbell was Sigmund Freud’s nephew and have always been fascinated by the hero’s journey, so this seemed like a must-read book.

  • I’ve decided to package up my 2012-2013 blog posts into a new book, although I’m re-editing more than I’d like to admit.
  • I’ve decided to dive into blogging full throttle and get my thoughts, feelings, experiences, and expertise out into the world– or at least a tiny, tiny corner of the internet.
  • I’m still looking forward to going to Disneyland with my wife and daughter in January! (baby’s first time!) We’re going to San Diego, too.
  • I’m planning out a webinar topic for work (email marketing related).
  • I’m still planning new weekly video lectures/announcements for the course I teach.
  • I’m still brainstorming ideas for a non-fiction book.

The world seems brighter recently. It’s not that it’s been dim, but that everything seems to be coming together nicely right now. I hope it continues.


I’ve just celebrated a very, very nice Christmas with my family, and my wife and I took most decorations down last night. We enjoyed every minute of the holidays, and are looking ahead to the future. Yesterday, I finished reading The Fish that Ate the Whale, by Rich Cohen, which was spectacular and one of the most interesting reads I’ve had in quite a while. #highlyrecommended

  • I’m focusing heavily on editing and re-publishing former blog content from 2012.
  • I’m reflecting on 2016 and setting personal, professional, financial goals for 2017.
  • I’m looking forward to going to Disneyland with my wife and daughter in January! (baby’s first time!)
  • I’m evaluating how to better serve email marketing prospects at work.
  • I’m planning new weekly video lectures/announcements for the course I teach.
  • I’m brainstorming ideas for a non-fiction book.

I’m excited to share more, be more, and do more… or at least just enough. ­čśë